Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the first distribution?

Furlo Capital targets the first distribution 6 months after acquisition. For Brentwood - We are targeting May for the first distribution.

2. Are GPs putting in their own money?

The GPs will put in some money in each deal. However, GPs often have to prioritize keepingtheir cash "liquid" even when they like the investment profile of a deal. This is because banks require GPs to have significant cash in order for the bank to be willing to lend into a deal.

3. Do I get paid quarterly or monthly?

Distributions will be made quarterly.

4. What is the entry and exit cap rates?

The market cap rate for similar assets in DFW is X%. Our exit cap rate assumption is X%

5. What is the size of the MSA of DFW?

8 million people, an increase of about 18.5% (more than 1.2 million people) since the 2020 Census.

6. What is the history of Furlo Capital?

Furlo Capital is an extension of Furlo Family Homes, which was started in 2015 by James Furlo, and we have acquired 8 properties in the states of Oregon and Indiana. We look at hundreds of properties before signing a contract on a new property. We are committed to the values of conservative underwriting, great communication, and partnership with our investors. See the whole portfolio

7. When do I need to have my funds ready to wire over?

We operate on a first come, first serve basis. On October 18, 2022, investors can go to our investor portal, review legal documents, and then wire funds over. It's important to wire funds as soon as you make a decision to invest to have the best opportunity to be part of the deal

8. What are the different steps for me to invest and the timeline?

  1. We'll send you an email with a link to the "formal" investment opportunity.

  2. Log into the Google Drive Data Room, click "Offerings" and review the opportunity, Click the button "Make Offer" and enter the amount you'd like to invest in the Google Form.

  3. We'll then review your offer to make sure it meets our investor guidelines.

  4. Once we accept your offer, you'll receive an email to review and sign the legal documents (i.e. the Private Placement Memorandum, a Subscription Agreement, and Operating Agreement).

  5. Once you Docusign the documents, you'll receive wiring instructions.

  6. You wire the funds, and then wait for closing.

9. I want to invest less than $50K. Is that an option?

Sorry, our minimum for this deal is $50K and we don’t take less than this amount.

10. Will I get a K1 or a 1099 as a tax form at the end of the year?

You will receive a K1 form for tax purposes each year.

11. When do I get my K1​?

By March 31.

12. Does Furlo Capital do a cost segregation study with each deal that includes depreciation and bonus depreciation?

Yes, we do this on every deal and it will be completed in 2023.

13. Where do I find the bank wiring information, and where is this entity located?

The wiring information is provided after you sign the PPM. If your bank asks, the location of the entity created to purchase the property is in Corvallis, OR.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact James. Thanks!